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Worship Team

Worshipping God together is highly valued in Immanuel Fellowship. We believe it is a very important part of our gathering. The Immanuel worship team is multicultural and multigenerational, and we worship in both English and Spanish.

"All the earth will worship You,
and will sing praises to You." Psalm 66:4

House Churches

Throughout the week we have house churches that gather for the purpose of study of God’s Word, prayer, and encouraging one another in our walk with the Lord. We have house churches that are English speaking, Spanish speaking, and even a mixture of the two. We have often said that our house churches are the heart of our church community.

Contact us to join a House Church  |  Tel: 970-668-6060


We live in an area that has drawn immigrants from around the world. Our church is very multicultural. Realizing that the legal challenges that immigrants face are often complex and expensive, one of our most important ministries is Bethany Immigration Services. We help immigrants from all backgrounds by providing low cost legal counsel and services. For more information check out our website

Call to Make an Appointment

Tel: 970-368-2373



Training and equipping workers and leaders for the ministry is part of our vision. The goal of Doulos (Greek word for servants) is to prepare workers in their calling to serve in the Kingdom of God through intensive study of God’s Word, developing of spiritual gifts, and personal mentoring. In addition to meeting regularly, we also have two retreats a year.

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