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What We Believe

Our Core Values

Local Church

​The local church is not an organization, nor a building, nor a time slot on Sunday morning.  Rather it is a family or community where Christians learn to grow and serve and impact their world.

A healthy church is made up of strong families and singles.  Biblical principles of marriage and parenting are taught on a regular basis.



We believe that Christians grow strong as they pray. Prayer is powerful. Prayer, as individuals and as a church, impacts and changes lives, brings supernatural provision, breaks spiritual strongholds, binds the work of the devil, opens doors for the gospel, and brings revival to the nations.


Sharing your Faith

All believers are called to share their faith with those who have not fully embraced the gospel.  Because we believe that their eternal destiny is at stake, we feel there is an urgency to boldly share.


Furthermore, we believe that as a local church we have a calling to do our part to take the message of the gospel and make disciples.  We have a strong missions vision that includes planting churches and equipping workers among the nations.

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